Outsourcing Services

Efficient platform operation and operational safety.

We won’t leave you alone.

Rely on absolute security and relieve your team. The secure operation of eCommerce platforms requires specialist knowledge in order to guarantee round-the-clock availability. With our outsourcing services, you rely on reliability that secures your transactions and guarantees your customers uninterrupted access to your products.

Safe platform operation around the clock!

Outsourcing services for relief & operational reliability

Relieve your own resources completely and rely on security in platform operation.

Technical Support

Comprehensive services for…

system maintenance and development, software updates and project releases, performance and security scans.

Full Service Commerce

Operational Business, organization & administration

Outsourcing of operational platform operation to relieve company-wide resources

You take care of your customers –
we take care of your system

We secure your digital sales and business processes and offer extensive services for system maintenance, system development, software-updates and project releases, performance and security scans. On request, we can also take over the complete management of roll-outs, operational project management with specialist departments, as well as the control of partners and external service providers.

Take advantage of our expertise in setting up high-performance hosting infrastructures, e.g. via one of our certified partners, especially for international multi-client platforms. All hosting solutions were subjected to extensive performance and load tests and subsequently certified for use with IntelliShop eCommerce technology.

So that you have time for the important business processes.