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The digital transformation presents many B2B companies with new challenges:

  • Increased complexity in sales requires networking and corresponding software solutions.
  • Connected Customers want to receive information quickly, digitally and preferably anytime and anywhere.
  • The digitization of business processes requires not only a new digital mindset, but also a corresponding strategy.

You would like to set up your company for the future and use the potential of digitization?

IntelliShop is your reliable companion! We are experts in digital competitiveness and efficient integration of customized eCommerce solutions.

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"Online" also the strongest channel in B2B

47% of B2B companies already have procurement processes via online channels. About one third order directly via B2B online shops. About a quarter use marketplaces. (ibi research, “Online purchasing behaviour in B2B e-commerce 2017”)

Customers search online

70% of all B2B purchasing decisions are already made via online channels, even before direct contact is made with a sales representative. In the meantime, as many as 61% start with a generic search query. (Google/Millward Brown Digital, B2B Path to Purchase Study)

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

The customer is king – also in B2B commerce. Personalised customer contact is therefore the basis for exceptional customer relationships. Personalized offers and purchase recommendations are already being used by over
40 % used.

Create your digital success story

A winning strategy

Winning customers means understanding customers and competitors. Our experts develop your success strategy.

Commerce Platform

The IntelliShop B2B Commerce solution takes your digital marketing to a new level while being flexible, innovative and simple.

Safe operation

We will not leave you alone after implementation. Count on reliability that secures your transactions and your customers.

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