Efficient and all-around sales management in a main cockpit

IntelliShop B2B Commerce Platform | INSIGHT

Gain valuable advantages over your competition!

Manage your sales efficiently from a central cockpit and make customer-centric decisions with intelligent recommendations 

Connected Dots

Comprehensive market monitoring provides you with early insights into the customer journey and the current performance of your B2B Commerce Platform.

Use the full transparency of your collected data in a master sales dashboard to work on specific challenges and create important derivations for customer acquisition or customer loyalty. This way, you can optimally align your digital sales with the needs of your customers. With a concrete view of each account’s preferences, you can easily plan your next actions and boost the automation of processes further.

INSIGHT | Your advantages

With INSIGHT, you always keep an eye on all important key figures, work more efficiently and make the right decisions for your eCommerce success.

Connected Dots

Complete and intelligent control of all sales channels

Based on your customer data, you can optimize your sales activities and gain valuable competitive advantages.

Customer Centricity

Put your customer in the center of attention and get a complete insight into the Customer Journey.

Sales Dashboard

With your sales dashboards, you have full transparency of all collected data at all times. This is how you optimally control your sales.

B2B-Commerce KPIs

Look at all relevant KPIs at a glance with just a few clicks and derive the next measures for yourself based on your experience.

Take your B2B commerce to a new level!

The other components of the IntelliShop Commerce Platform


Customer specific configuration for individual requirements.


Cross-linking of the entire customer and sales structure.

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