Personalized B2B commerce experiences - quick and maxiscalable to the max!

IntelliShop B2B-Commerce Platform | PROCESS

Personalized sales and service worlds - as individual as your customers

With PROCESS, you can easily and quickly create personalized sales and service worlds based on the individual requirements of your company and in alignment with the needs of your customers. 

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Unique product presentations, high-performance search, and real-time availability displays-features that your customers are already used to from their private shopping experiences, are often also expected in a business context. With years of focus on B2B needs, PROCESS offers powerful functionalities for long-term success in digital sales. Personalized assortments and customized pricing are complemented by the ability to map even your company’s most complex customer structures. A wide range of sales mechanisms are available for quotations, contracts, cost center management or approval requests. The functionalities can adapt to the challenges you face at any time and enable growing success along your corporate strategy.   

PROCESS | Your advantages

Connected Dots

How to take your digital sales to the next level with PROCESS


Take your B2B commerce to a new level!

The other components of the IntelliShop Commerce Platform


Cross-linking of the entire customer and sales structure.


Central cockpit for efficient sales management.

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