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The perfect e-commerce start via minimum viable product (MVP). 

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With b2b e-commerce...

What's the limiting factor in your digital transformation?

limiting factor in digital transformation

Time & Budget 

Celebrate e-commerce success
on a small budget!

Digitization and e-commerce are the future of sales – everyone agrees on this. However, e-commerce strategy development or even implementation is usually postponed from fiscal year to fiscal year. A big (and usually expensive) mistake.

It is worth taking the next step, especially now in this time of change, because with e-commerce, success and sales growth can be achieved even with little time and a small budget.

By implementing a project using MVP, your b2b shop will be up and running in no time. During a no-obligation expert discussion with IntelliShop, you will receive clear and condensed insight into the most important points regarding the MVP approach of your e-commerce project. 

too many interfaces

Connect all your sales channels!

The future of sales is digital, but not only on one channel. Meeting b2b customer needs in the best possible way requires not only a user-friendly store, but also a customer portal and a personal approach. A comprehensive e-commerce platform helps not only to integrate all channels, but also to integrate classic direct sales instead of streamlining them away. By efficiently integrating all channels into one platform, the shift in sales towards digital processes can be successfully mastered. 

Integration of your IT landscape also plays a major role here. A powerful e-commerce platform frees up your time for the important things by providing interfaces to ERP, PIM, CRM etc. out-of-the-box. Interface management in b2b e-commerce has never been so easy!

missing strategy

The perfect e-commerce start via minimum viable product (MVP).

Don’t have a clear vision when it comes to digitization? No problem – we can show you how to achieve rapid success in digital sales under high time and budget pressure. We think about tomorrow today and approach your digitization quickly, efficiently and sustainably. 

A future-oriented e-commerce platform adapts to your business model and scales exactly when you need it. This means you are always one step ahead! 

With the right B2B e-commerce platform, your start in digital sales is easier than you think and with a flexible MVP approach, you can celebrate your first successes tomorrow! 

These companies are already celebrating their success in e-commerce:

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Getting into digital sales - What are my options?

Getting into digital sales

From a pure product catalog to a spare parts store to a fully integrated
e-commerce platform!

Online Product Catalog

An online catalog is the basis of digital sales. As a page-by-page b2b web application, the online product catalog contains all product information and helps the user find the desired products or product information more quickly through search and filter functions.

B2B online shops with checkout functionalities

The next stage of evolution of a product catalog: b2b online shops extend the catalog to include checkout functionality, thus enabling direct procurement via the store. Usually, the b2b store also includes further functionalities such as product configurators, a high-performance product search, personalization options, complex management of permissions and roles, customer-specific prices, and much more. 

B2B Commerce Platforms

In addition to all the functionalities of the B2B online store, the comprehensive b2b e-commerce platform offers further advantages through the interlinking with existing sales channels and direct sales via field staff, as well as deep integration with the existing IT infrastructure. In addition to the integration of the ERP system, connections to the PIM or CRM system are also standard. This creates a unique customer experience and ensures full flexibility for scaling the system. As a complete solution, it therefore enables an uncomplicated and fast entry into the world of e-commerce. 

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