The digitization solution for medium-sized companies

The IntelliShop B2B-Commerce-Platform: For your successful entry into the world of eCommerce

The platform solution of the next generation of B2B commerce

Make it easy for yourself and your customers. The IntelliShop B2B Commerce Solution takes your digital marketing to a new level while being flexible, innovative and simple. With simple configuration, all your customer-related business process can be flexibly set up and optimally integrated in existing procurement and IT infrastructures. Create your own digital success story with maximum performance and speed. The integrated middleware ensures an efficient connection to your existing IT infrastructure. By focusing on B2B needs, our solution enables us to realize your digitalization vision and ensures that your Commerce Platform meets all the requirements of digital commerce today and in the future. With a low TCO and no elaborate customizing, your commerce solution is ready to go in no time and adapts individually to your business goals to produce fast-growing online sales.

The guiding principle of maximum flexibility runs through all areas of the IntelliShop B2B Commerce Platform. This approach allows you to seamlessly integrate your sales processes within the solution, to digitize your business holistically and to adapt it constantly to your goals and strategies. Along your individual customer journey, you create a unique customer experience in digital B2B procurement.

Within the shortest time and with maximum scalability, you can build up great shopping and service worlds and efficiently link them to your existing processes. You can use a variety of tools to personalize the shopping experience for each individual customer and thus make your brand tangible. In this way, you can set the course for sales growth in new and existing customer environments and take your digital sales to a new level!

Advantages of the IntelliShop B2B-Commerce Platform


Revolutionize your eCommerce

Revolutionize eCommerce

With the three components PROCESS, CONNECT and INSIGHT the IntelliShop B2B commerce platform provides a holistic solution for your sales.


Customer specific configuration for individual requirements.


Cross-linking of the entire customer and sales structure.


Central cockpit for efficient sales management.

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Advantages of the IntelliShop B2B-Commerce Platform

Unique functions for digital sales in Medium-sized companies

IntelliShop Sales

Next Level B2B Commerce

Intellishop Commerce Plattform is the simple, fast and economical eCommerce solution for B2B business customer sales. An overall solution for product and accessory sales that transforms any existing IT infrastructure into a high-performance sales platform. For all challenges in digital transformation- national and international. A technological advantage that increases your sales efficiency and revenue to a maximum. With exclusive advantages, that save time and money, that you can pass on directly to your customers.

More than 100 modules

The Intellishop Commerce Platform combines all functions for barrier-free groth in a central multi-software solution: for sales control, new customer acquisition, the integration of existing IT systems as well as for the direct assortment and catalog connection. Complex processes such as the integration of company-wide trading and sales structures, the networking of procurement processes, the setting of individual assortment & price agreements as well as the complete automation of the reordering of spare parts, consumables and accessories are therefore no challenge.

B2B Module
customer centricity 2

100 % Customer Centricity

Make it easy for your customers to order tvia  any conceivable channel. With the Intellishop Commerce platform even individual customer requirements can be configured with just a few clicks. Offers, that are tailored precisely to individual needs and precise sales and market information with detailed overviews. Align your sales department perfectly and ontrol the company-wide organization with complete transparency – for today’s and tomorrow’s sale.

Central multi-client-concept

The multi-client architecture is a key concept of the IntelliShop B2B commerce platform. Intelligent inheritance-technologies make the creation of new shops easier and more flexible than ever before. Settings and features such as multi-currency, multi-language and multi-country make international rollout much easier for you and you also benefit from the cost advantages of operating a centralized solution for all your sale markets.

IntelliShop CONNECT

Configuring instead of programming

As the operator of the IntelliShop Commerce Platform, you can configure a variety of functions independently and quickly adapt them to your strategy. Generate datamodels and work out processes easily and flexibly within your user interface. These configurations can be reused as templates at any time. We already provide pre-configured templates that many of our customers use, for example voucher-campaigns.

Perfectly integrated into your system landscape

The IntelliShop B2B Commerce Platform can be efficiently and quickly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, such as SAP or Salesforce, thanks to its powerful, integrated middleware. New connections can be configured just as easily and guarantee a short project runtime and rapid success. Due to its middleware functionality, the B2B Commerce Platform plays a central role in your system landscape and customer communication. It already provides a number of basic functionalities of ERP systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and product information management (PIM), making an easy entry into digital sales possible.

IntelliShop Supply Chain Management
User Experience

Simple user interface

In the management center of the IntelliShop Commerce Platform, you can make all changes in one place. We have developed them with a focus on the user experience of typical user scenarios. We have placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness and a modern, standardized design with good usability in order to provide an interface that is as intuitive as possible with a minimum of training.

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