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The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform is a fully comprehensive, process-oriented e-commerce solution, ideally suited for adaptation to and integration with your business, and capable of meeting the high demands of SMEs and large corporations in terms of flexibility, performance, and scalability. IntelliShop combines the benefits of a customized system adapted to your personal requirements with the cost efficiency of out-of-the-box software, allowing you to benefit from ongoing product development while maintaining extreme flexibility.

The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform’s modular architecture and innovative process management allows your online store to be fully aligned with your own tried-and-tested business processes. And thanks to the integration of middleware, our software can also be quickly and easily integrate into any third party or online affiliate system.

In the enterprise sector, no two projects are alike. The advantage of the IntelliShop solution is that it provides a digital platform in the form of an out-of-the-box version that includes multiple features, flexible interfaces, and uncompromising stability, while allowing for the digital mapping of even the most complex commercial infrastructures.

Don’t substitute – integrate.

Here at IntelliShop, our motto is “Don’t substitute – integrate.” We support existing sales channels and optimize existing processes. The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform not only makes it possible to implement truly multichannel offerings, especially in the area of B2B commerce. It also allows for the integration of single and multi-tier retail distribution systems and field sales into one single, future-proof e-commerce strategy.

Multistore. Right from the start!

IntelliShop allows users to manage a whole range of online stores through one single installation. Multistores can even be linked by inheritance scenarios. A centrally managed item master list can be applied across multiple stores with different target audiences, pricing models, and custom designs.

Business strategy included.

The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform offers preconfigured B2B editions which provide tailor-made B2B e-commerce solutions, using blueprints which have been tried and tested over the course of a number of projects. This allows you to integrate all your sales channels into one comprehensive e-commerce strategy. Our solution is particularly well suited to the sale of accessories, supplies, and consumables.


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