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On this page you will find the latest photographic material of IntelliShop AG.

The embedded images are only a preview. To download the images in a higher resolution click on the download button.

The photographic material is also optimized for printing (format: TIF or a JPEG in high resolution; resolution of 300 dpi; color scheme: CMYK).

The usage of the whole photographic material is only for press purposes (for free) and must be labeled. Therefore, please write “IntelliShop AG” as the resource.

IntelliShop Logo

IntelliShop Logo blue (usable with the white background)


IntelliShop Hockeystick


IntelliShop Logo white (usable on a dark background)

Thomas Mondelli, IntelliShop AG

Thomas Mondelli

Press contact

Do you need the latest press information, plan on some publication or look for media resources?

We are happy to help you with these and further questions.

Alina Harthan_Presse
Alina Harthan

Online Marketing Manager
Tel.: +49 721-381341-717

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